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Using technology in primary music education


Technologies are part of our everyday life. From capturing and sharing our everyday lives through images, videos, text and emoji’s on social media, to playing games with strangers across the world, we live in an age of instant information, communication and connectivity. The portability and availability of technologies offer exciting possibilities for music education for children of all ages to make, create, listen to, mix, remix and capture music – and it is clear that many already do this in their own time. In just a few years mobile technologies in particular have developed exponentially, becoming part of children’s everyday lives, even from a very young age, and becoming increasingly common in classrooms.

This part of the toolkit does not seek to offer a comprehensive list of possible technologies in primary music education – indeed it would be out of date almost before it is published! Instead, it brings together an overview of types of technologies and signposts ways, resources and ideas for using these as part of an inspiring music education.