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Using musical instruments in the classroom

Whole class instrumental and vocal tuition

Many schools also have access to a whole-class instrumental or vocal programme, usually delivered in collaboration with a local music education hub. Currently, Arts Council England fund music hubs to deliver this tuition via a DfE grant and programmes range from ten weeks to one year, depending upon the offer in a particular geographical area. This is usually available to all children once in their primary school career if their school have chosen to be involved in this scheme, with some options to carry on at the end of the project, usually in smaller groups and sometimes reliant on parental contributions. Projects may be set up so that all children learn the same instrument, or there may be a range of instruments within the same classroom.

Take a look at the ISM's map of music education hubs and their contact details.


Find out about the whole class instrumental and vocal tuition programme in your school and also explore the options for young people to be involved in music education beyond the school via your music education hub.