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Singing and vocal work

Singing – it’s not just about the voice!

If you get into a conversation with children of any age about the singing they enjoy, it will not be long before they start talking about movement and dance! Indeed, choreographing songs is a favourite activity in some school playgrounds. Watch children react physically as they file into assembly listening to an uplifting and energetic song. It is always amazing that some schools expect children to walk in and listen in absolute silence when it is natural to move to music (and to sing or hum along!)

It is sometimes desirable for children to tap or clap a beat whilst singing to help them internalise a pulse. Actions can help children remember lyrics, as well as being fun and visually effective. Some songs lend themselves easily to being ‘action songs’ (such as Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes) but many songs lend themselves to having appropriate actions which you could ask children to suggest, giving them ownership of the actions. And then there’s simple choreography – it doesn’t need to be complicated – it could even be quite random (e.g. waving scarves) or perhaps everyone is waving in the same direction. One thing is for sure - the children will not be short of ideas!