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Music across the creative curriculum

Signposting musical experiences and opportunities beyond the curriculum

Hopefully there are multiple ways in which music is already embedded throughout the school – through singing in assemblies and in the classrooms and playground, through the offer of extra-curricular music activities and the possibilities for learning a musical instrument. It is important that these opportunities are all inclusive – not just for those whose families can afford to pay. Ofsted (2009, 2012) noted that more needs to be done to ensure that involvement in extra-curricular activities should be more representative of the whole school community.

Through funding allocated to music education hubs in all parts of England, many primary schools are able to access whole class instrumental and vocal tuition programmes. These are heavily subsidised and sometimes free to schools for a term or up to a year. Ask your music coordinator about any programmes available to your school and also contact your local music education hub1 to see what opportunities are available. Many areas also organise school music festivals and also work with local and national arts organisations offering outreach programmes.

There are also a multitude of opportunities for children to be involved in musical groups outside of school, organised by the local music education hub and many community organisations. As a teacher it is really helpful if you have done some research and area able to signpost opportunities to children on a frequent basis.