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Music across the creative curriculum


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  • Music Education Works

    This website provides a short summary of emergent research on evidence about the impact of music education and links to research papers and articles.

  • English Folk Dance and Song Society Resource Bank

    This award-winning online portal includes songs, planning and resources for using the folk arts as a stimulus across the curriculum.

  • John Finney’s blog

    This entry on Finney’s blog describes a whole-class programme in Cambridgeshire, its underlying philosophy and the importance of the habits, values and behaviours nurtured through the programme.

  • Minute of Listening

    A subscription package which provides 60 seconds of creative listening every day for the school year; this is a fantastic resource with the potential to be extensively used to inspire learning across the curriculum.

  • Schools Music Association Awards

    For those who wish to get feedback on the level of their achievement in ensemble and singing work.

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