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Using this toolkit

Having established the importance of musical learning in the classroom and the fundamental importance for all teachers and practitioners to lead and be part of a vibrant musical community, we need to consider the practicalities of how to achieve this. This multi-part toolkit aims to help you understand more about primary music education through exploring practical ways to embed musical learning throughout your work.

The idea of this toolkit is that you can refer to the sections you need at a particular time. It takes you through how to set up the classroom for musical learning, how to encourage children to make, create and respond to music using instruments, voices and technologies, and how to develop an inspiring curriculum that draws children into learning.

This toolkit is certainly not exhaustive but it will hopefully help you to develop ideas, lessons and activities that spread the joy of music education throughout your classes and school. It purposely does not advocate one approach, method or set of materials. Instead, it signposts multiple ideas, resources and places you can find out more, with the ambition of helping you to create the right music curriculum for the children in your own school and the confidence to try it out.