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We hope the resource has been helpful, and has empowered you to share the joy of singing with your students.

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About the ISM Trust

The ISM Trust is the sister charity of the Independent Society of Musicians (ISM).

Through events, training and award-winning resources, the Trust equips music professionals with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in their career.

We cover key topics from legal and business, copyright and royalties, and finance and tax, to music teaching, diversity and inclusion, and musicians’ health. Our projects are regularly delivered in partnership with leading experts, charities and organisations.

The Trust has produced several other resources for music educators, including the award-winning Primary Music Toolkit, which includes guidance on teaching singing and vocal work, plus frameworks for delivering the National Curriculum for Music at primary and key stage 3.

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About Voices Foundation

Voices Foundation is on a mission to transform music education to ensure every child has a voice. They have various resources and training available for teachers and pupils.

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Musical activity and education offer children the opportunity to participate in a uniquely multi-sensory experience, which benefits them in several different ways, including supporting their wellbeing, improving their confidence and self-esteem, and increasing their learning and attainment. Through their award-winning CPD programmes, Voices Foundation help schools become Singing Schools that provide children with access to enriching and inspiring music education.

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About the Schools Music Association (SMA)

The Schools Music Association (SMA) was formed in 1935 with the aim of providing large-scale musical experiences for children in important concert halls under the direction of notable musical figures. These included two of its Presidents Sir Adrian Boult (1947-1983) and Sir Peter Maxwell Davies (1983 – 2013).

In recent years the conductor and composer Ronald Corp directed massed singing events in many of the country’s cathedrals. In the last five decades as an independent Charity (1970s to 2000s), the SMA also provided regular opportunities for practical in-service training both at Conferences and other events.

In 2013, the SMA voted to become part of the ISM. The SMA’s charitable funds have supported the production of practical resources for classroom teachers and research into music education.