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Unconditional teaching

In this free ISM Trust webinar, award-winning author, music teacher and ISM member Paul Harris launches his new book, Unconditional Teaching. With guest speakers Dr Maria Luca, Head of the Regent’s Centre for Relational Studies and Psychological Well-Being, Simon Dearsley, former Director of Music at Stowe School and Sir Anthony Seldon, Former Vice-Chancellor of The University of Buckingham, Educator and Contemporary Historian.

This webinar will help music educators recognise conditional and unconditional teaching, to assess the conditions that may block the flow of effective teaching and learning, and to move towards a more unconditional approach to teaching music. In a world of endless tests and high expectations, this method offers a way to motivate pupils, and to help them enjoy music making independently in whichever manner they wish.

By developing the mindset that all pupils can achieve and progress, and learning practical methods of teaching that can support such outcomes, this inspirational new approach aims to create an environment in which music teachers can do the best for all their pupils.

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