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Preparing for pre-recorded examinations

As the pandemic took hold, many of the major instrumental/vocal exam boards accelerated measures to offer digital versions of their exams, either pre-recorded or live streamed.

In this session, Ivor Flint takes you through the process of preparing your students for recorded exams, from booking slots and rehearsing through to recording and uploading the performances.

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Digital examinations are available from the following examination boards:

  • ABRSM - offers digital options for music performance and theory exams:

Performance grades exams are available for Initial*, Grade 1-8 and ARSM.

Online theory exams are available anytime, anywhere at Grades 1-5.

*Piano and Bowed Strings only

  • LCME - offers digital options for all examinations: lcme.uwl.ac.uk
  • MTB - offers digitals option for all examinations:

MTB About

MTB Taking the exam

MTB recording advice

MTB Syllabuses

  • RSL Awards - offers recorded and livestream digital graded music examinations across its Rockschool and RSL Classical publications: Graded music exams
  • Trinity College London - offers a digital pre-record submission option for its Classical and Jazz, Rock & Pop grades and Music Diploma exams (ATCL and LTCL).

Digital Classical and Jazz Grades

Digital Rock & Pop Grades

Digital Music Diplomas

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