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Making music together online in real time: An introduction to ORM

One of the very few positives from the pandemic has been the ability of musicians to adapt to making music online. As restrictions in the UK continue to ease and the post-COVID landscape begins to emerge, it is likely that many musicians will continue to take advantage of digital as part of their portfolio careers.

For gigging musicians, groups and collaborative artists, being able to rehearse together online has proven extremely challenging, with the inherent latency in systems like Zoom and Skype making this a frustrating and seemingly impossible process. This is where online real-time music (ORM) can help you.

In this webinar, double bassist and physicist John J. Williamson explains the concept of ORM, and how, with technology already available to you, you can rehearse with fellow musicians up to 300 miles away with as much latency as you would find if they were in the same room. John also introduces the ISM’s brand new resource for members, which over six videos takes you step by step through the process of setting up a digital rehearsal room.

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How to make online real-time music

Bassist John J. Williamson offers an intro to online real-time music (ORM) software. Updated with practical guide for experienced tech users.