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ISMxDelic Session 1: How technology can aid creativity

Critics say that technology is compromising our ability to be creative, but, if used correctly, it could have the opposite outcome. In this session, our panellists examine how technology can be an intrinsic part of making music, focusing on the types of technology available to them and how it can be used to enhance their creative process.

Moderator: Vic Galloway - BBC broadcaster, journalist and musician


Ana Betancourt - Co-founder and Head of Sound Innovations at Black Goblin Audio

John Maxwell Hobbs - Delic CEO

Mark Coniglio - Creator of Isadora

Bishi - Musician, artist, performer, composer, curator and co-founder of WITCiH

Guide to home recording which contains some advice on DAWs. https://www.ism.org/advice/an-introduction-to-home-recording

Guide to online real-time music (ORM), allowing you to make music with others remotely. https://www.ism.org/advice/orm-how-to-main

Writing music for video games, animation or VR https://www.ism.org/professional-development/webinars/composing-animation-vr-gaming

Advice on webcams: https://www.ism.org/advice-centre/digital-performers-pack




Digital audio workstations:

Logic - https://www.apple.com/uk/logic-pro/
Ableton - https://www.ableton.com
Garageband - https://www.apple.com/uk/ios/garageband/
Fruity loops- https://www.image-line.com
Cubase - https://new.steinberg.net/cubase/
Pro-tools - https://www.avid.com/pro-tools
Reaper - https://www.reaper.fm
Unity - http://www.unitymusic.com
Digital performer - https://motu.com/en-us/products/software/dp/

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