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ISM & Delic Webinars: 3. An interdependent future: Why collaboration is key

While technology has arguably made it easier than ever to release music independently, many of the tools needed are still designed to take advantage of their users. From social media to streaming platforms, music’s power structures are shifting, with artists often finding themselves falling through the cracks.

This leads to questions when using this technology about who profits from an artist’s music, and how can the rights of the creator be safeguarded? One solution may lie in networks of interdependent co-operatives, whereby labels, studios, publications etc. can work together to retain collective ownership of music and create a fairer system for their artists.

This talk introduces pioneering new tools to help artists collaborate, and examines the role that the traditional world of labels and distributors might play in an ‘interdependent’ future.

Moderator: John Maxwell Hobbs - Delic CEO


Mat Dryhurst - Founder of Interdependence

Ed Stack - Founder at Delic

Vick Bain - Founder The F-List, President-Elect ISM, former CEO of BASCA

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