The Empowered Musician

Putting today’s musicians in control of their careers

Thursday 4 October, 9.15am - 5.30pm

Milton Court, London EC2Y 9BH

Are you wondering how to boost your music career in these unstable times? Become an Empowered Musician and succeed! Join us for an exciting day of discussion and discovery, with innovative musicians and leading music industry experts sharing their experiences, crucial insider knowledge and invaluable tips for success during four in-depth panel discussions. This essential event will bring you up to speed with the latest developments, challenges and opportunities for musicians at all stages of their careers.

Learn from the experts and get ahead of the curve.
Panellists and speakers will include:

  • Darren Henley (Arts Council England)
  • David Jones (Serious), Becky Farrell (IMG Artists UK)
  • Chris Carey (previously EMI and Universal Music)
  • Rachel Jepson (Counselling for Musicians)
  • Eleanor Wilson (NMC recordings)
  • Chris Cook (Complete Music Update)
  • SK Shlomo (Beatboxer, Looper, Producer)
  • Amy Collins (Your Army)
  • Suzi Beese (Music Glue)

...and many more.

This event will bring together hundreds of musicians and leading practitioners from across the industry and will include live music from Fitkinwall, Beatbox Collective and Riot Jazz. You will have the opportunity to network over refreshments, lunch and post-event cocktails, all of which are included in the ticket price

    Get your ticket for just £10 if you join the ISM. Students can book for just £5.

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