The Empowered Musician: Digital futures panel session

This session from The Empowered Musician considers future trends and opportunities for musicians in the digital arena. How do you map out your career while keeping advances in digital technology in mind? What might the future hold for musicians?

The Empowered Musician: Looking after yourself

This session from The Empowered Musician considers the demands of being a musician and the toll they can on your health. An expert panel of health professionals discuss ways of managing the unique stresses of our profession. The session will cover mental health, physical health, nutrition and performance anxiety.

The Empowered Musician: Making it happen panel session

During this session at The Empowered Musician panellists from across the sector share their experiences and give advice on how to plan a project or commission from scratch and make it fly. Speakers include composers working in TV, film, digital and orchestral settings and record label experts.

The Empowered Musician panel session: Nuts and bolts

This panel session from The Empowered Musician discussed the essentials of making it in the music business including contracts, copyright and royalties, publishing, marketing and promotion, PR and crucial legal know-how.