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ISM response to ACE Investment programme announcement

The Arts Council England (ACE) has announced a new National Portfolio of funded organisations for 2023-26. It covers a total of 990 arts and culture organisations (up 276 from the previous portfolio), with increased funding outside London and a more ethnically diverse range of organisations.

Responding to the announcement, ISM Chief Executive Deborah Annetts said, 'Today’s funding announcement from Arts Council England for NPOs continues the push to diversify funding across a wider range of both organisations and location.

We send our best wishes to all NPOs that have been successful.

However, there are some major cuts, particularly for opera and classical music which have already suffered so much as a result of Brexit and the pandemic. We had thought that the government understood the importance of the creative industries and their role in generating growth. Now we are not so sure.

Orchestras and opera companies are key not just to income generation for the UK but for soft power. As ACE has already acknowledged, these cuts could well lead to job losses, which is truly dire given everything our sector has already been through over the past two years.

We will continue to analyse the details of the announcement, but there is already a clear need to reconsider some of these decisions or our sector, and the country, will lose out.’

For further details of the announcement please visit the Arts Council England's website.