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A-level results day: Analysis of Music entries

A-level results published for 2022 by the Joint Council for Qualifications show that while uptake of music at A-level has increased 4% since 2021, the trend since 2008 still causes great concern.

Analysis by the ISM shows that uptake of A-level music has fallen by 44% since 2008 and by a staggering 40% since 2010, when the EBacc was introduced.

Source: https://analytics.ofqual.gov.uk/apps/Alevel/Outcomes/

A more significant proportion of those studying music received top grades with 42.2% receiving A*-A grade in Music compared to 35.9% receiving an A*-A grade overall (all subjects).

Reacting, Deborah Annetts ISM Chief Executive said, ‘Congratulations to all music students receiving their A-level results in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. I hope that your hard work is reflected in the grades you receive. It’s also a rewarding day for music teachers who so often go above and beyond to support their students.

It’s welcome that the number of students taking A-level music has increased by 4% since 2021. I hope that this is the beginning of a new trend for music, rather than a one-off.

The decline of 40% since 2010 starkly shows the damaging impact accountability measures such as Progress 8 and the EBacc have had on music and other creative subjects. It also shows the scale of the challenge that the new National Plan for Music Education must address. All students deserve access to high-quality music education in school.’