Why join a professional body?

Life as a musician can be incredibly collaborative. You can create lifelong contacts with photographers, producers, venue managers, other instrumentalists, tour managers, booking agents and more. These connections often prove vital in helping you get where you want to be.

That said, life as a musician can also be extremely isolating. Whether you teach at home during the week or have a solo residency at your local venue, it can be difficult to know where to turn to for support when you need it.

You can find yourself asking all sorts of questions like: Should I sign this contract? Am I charging enough? What if I damage someone’s equipment? How do I fill in my tax return? Am I owed holiday pay? Is my employer treating me fairly? What if I’m put on redundancy notice? What if I don’t get paid?

Creating those valuable professional connections and having someone to answer these important questions is precisely why almost 10,000 professional musicians around the UK belong to the ISM.

We’re the UK’s professional body for musicians and have been protecting the interests of those working within the music profession for over 135 years. Today we expertly advise, support and represent a nationwide community of musicians from around the sector from teachers and examiners to session musicians, stand-alone artists and orchestral players.

We’re here to support you with any issues affecting your career, help you develop your skills as a musician and enable you to make valuable contacts with professionals from around the industry.

ISM membership starts from just £15 a year. This gives you access to a bespoke range of services to protect and progress your career; including unlimited legal advice and representation, comprehensive insurance cover, valuable professional development and advice, networking opportunities, mental health support and much more.

With the world in which musicians work becoming increasingly uncertain, having the backing of your professional body has never been more essential. If you’re a professional musician, it’s time to join the ISM.

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