Impulse Music

To bombard or not to bombard!

The marketing gurus say it takes on average 7 contacts before someone will make the effort to respond and we are firmly of the view that there is no such thing as too much promotion!

At Impulse we are always on the lookout for avenues and outlets to support the activities and careers of our clients. At the end of last year we began to take advantage of listings on Bachtrack. The process was straightforward with a quick response from the in-house team so as well as our own listings on, we will be backing these up with Bachtrack for increased promotion.

If you have the appetite for it, here are other listings outlets we have used: Classical Events, Classical Music, The List and the Press Association. Each has its own idiosyncracies but all are worth cracking the initial code to get you up and running.

We are also, now, creating email templates for clients to circulate to their own mailing lists. This includes attractive ‘save the date’ flyers and more detailed advance programme information plus of course all the necessary links to box office and further information.

For more information on how Impulse can help to promote your event, call us on 01760 441448 or email [email protected] Happy new year!

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