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Discover: Harp Therapy by Shirley Trinkwon

Harp Therapy is an ancient holistic method of healing where benefits such as increased relaxation, decreased pain and anxiety, stabilisation of vital signs, and improvement in sleep are brought about by listening to the calming sounds of the harp, as the music played is chosen according to individual preference, culture and age.

I play my portable Celtic harp from memory in a wide variety of styles and improvises so that I am able to find something to suit each persons needs, when the harp may be also used interactively with patients that wish to play it themselves. I specialise in communicating with the elderly and terminally ill playing at the bedside, when I will spend about 15 minutes with each person or longer if needed, playing some gentle tunes and perhaps sharing conversation brought about in response to the music.

Harp Therapy sessions can be given at home or in residential care homes - usually on an individual basis, but can include family members and friends, and be in small groups. Harp Therapy can also be combined with other holistic healing treatments.

I have been a member of Incorporated Society of Musicians and has been established in Petersfield as a piano teacher and tuner for many years. I began learning the harp in 2008 and have gone on to become a fully qualified Harp Therapist with the International Harp Therapy Program in 2014, which is accredited by the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians in the USA.

W. www.harptherapy.co

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