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The ISM’s annual survey of teaching, examining and accompanying rates: Survey results 2021

The ISM's annual survey of teaching, examining and accompanying rates was open from November 2020 to January 2021. The results indicate what other music professionals charge for their services in your area.

Last year, due to the national lockdowns to curb the spread of COVID-19, many music professionals moved to working online. To take this into account, for the first time, the survey looked at both face-to-face and online rates.

The survey was open to members and non-members, and asked participants about the following areas:

  • experience and qualification
  • private teaching
  • part-time teaching, employed
  • part-time teaching, self-employed
  • accompanying and examining

    Download the survey results

    Setting your tuition fees webinar

    Statistician Alix Naylor of Naylor Research Partnership, who conducted the fees survey, provides an overview in our free webinar, which guides you through the results and helps you consider the level of fee appropriate to your music tuition. Alix discusses differing prices based on regional variations and different teaching specialisms, as well as offering some tips for setting your own fees for both face-to-face and online/blended teaching.