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Face to face counselling

The ISM Members Fund is pleased to be partnering with Physio Med to provide members with access to physiotherapy services. Members will have free access to advice and face-to-face intervention via the award-winning Physiotherapy Advice Line (PAL), which allows ISM members to get quick, expert intervention for muscle and joint problems directly from a Senior Chartered Physiotherapist.

Following an initial assessment, you will be advised on the best way to manage your condition. Treatment as part of the service will include both self-management, which includes a detailed treatment plan of exercises to undertake at home; and face-to-face sessions at a physiotherapy practice close to home. It is most effective in treating recent (non-chronic) injuries.

Accessing the service

All new referrals will receive an initial triage, to ensure they are appropriate to enter the Physiotherapy Advice Line (PAL) process. Appropriate patients will then be booked in for an over the phone assessment via the PAL service, following which they will be provided with appropriate advice and online video exercises, in order to self-manage their condition.

Alternatively, if your condition would benefit more from face-to-face treatments, you will be referred to a clinic close to where you reside.

All Physio Med physiotherapists are MSK (musculoskeletal) trained, and can treat all aspects of the body, but they do not specialise in one specific area.

The service is currently in a pilot phase, and will be developed further based on members’ feedback.

How to access the service during the pilot phase

The service is open to full, early career, student and retired ISM members, and the trial phase has limited places.

We will evaluate the pilot so we can fully assess the usefulness of the service, and make sure it is effective in treating ISM members' injuries.

This means we may need to process some personal data (including health data) about you, so there are some important items you need to read first.

Before you apply to join the pilot phase:

1. Read this information about the pilot and our fair processing notice which tells you about how we may use your data if you participate in the pilot. We need your consent to process your personal data including health data.

2. Carefully read the terms and conditions printed on the consent form before signing to agree to participate in the pilot.

If you are willing to proceed on this basis:

1. Download the pilot’s Information and Consent Form below or request that we send a copy: please contact the membership team on 020 7221 3499 or [email protected].

2. Read the form and tick the boxes to show that you :

  • accept the terms and conditions of the pilot
  • have read and understood the Fair Processing notice and how we may use your personal data
  • have consented to our processing your data in accordance with the Fair Processing notice.
  • 3. Sign and date the form, and return it to [email protected].

    NB We will only accept physically signed forms as proof of consent. You can either email scans or high-quality pictures of the forms to the membership team; or send completed forms to:

    Freepost RTHK-YYEJ-YCLB
    Independent Society of Musicians
    4-5 Inverness Mews
    W2 3JQ

    Please do not give us any details about your health or any conditions. Only Physio Med needs to know this.

    You will then be given details on how to contact Physio Med, who will arrange an initial triage telephone call to get a high-level overview of the condition you are presenting. They will then arrange for an in-depth 45-minute telephone assessment with a Senior Chartered Physiotherapist who will make a diagnosis and recommend a further treatment plan.

    Provided by the ISM Members Fund

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